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How Pets Benefit Us in Our Old Age

Recent studies have indicated exactly how beneficial pets can be to people of all ages, with particular focus given to […]
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How Technology is Changing The Way We Age

There was a time when it was thought that the elderly and new forms of technology did not mix, but […]
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Aging Stereotypes

Aging is something that happens to almost everyone, but there are still many myths and stereotypes that surround this phenomenon. […]
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Aging Parents Living Alone: The Health Risks Of Isolation

It’s no big secret that social isolation of the elderly is a problem that’s growing at an exponential rate here […]
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The Future of Caregiving, The Invisible Profession

Caregiving is often referred to as the invisible profession. This is mainly due to the lack of knowledge people have […]
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Healthy Heart Habits for Seniors

Many people believe heart issues are just an inevitable part of growing old, but this does not need to be […]
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Mom’s Advice on Healthy Aging

My mom has just become a resident at SarahCare, and while it is inevitable that most people will at some […]
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Growing Old Gracefully – The Royal Way!

The Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II, has just turned 92, but she still has the grace, eloquence, and vigor […]
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Millennial Caregivers

Despite the stereotype, caregivers can be any age. In some situations, the role of a caregiver is suddenly placed upon […]
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Stroke Recovery Caregiving

After someone has a stroke any potential caregiver is likely to have a plethora of questions. For any new caregiver, […]
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Moving and Transferring Patients Safely

Correct knowledge and training of the moving and transferring of patients are paramount for the safety of both the patient […]
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Cultural Diversity and Caregiving

As people travel and move around the world, they bring their cultures and beliefs along with them. This allows different […]
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Intergenerational Programs – Bridging the Gap

Intergenerational programmes are the perfect way for seniors and younger individuals to interact and truly gain quality first-hand experiences of […]
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Transport for Seniors

Adult day care centers offer a unique opportunity for your loved one to socialize and join in activities that they […]
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Caregiver Stress and Burnout

Making the decision to become a full-time caregiver for a loved one is one of the most selfless acts a […]
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Dementia – Caregiver’s guide to Communication and Language

Providing care for people with Dementia can be challenging. Dementia not only affects the individual, but also the individual’s family […]
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Benefits of Music Therapy

Music therapy has been used to treat patients suffering from chronic illnesses for millennia. The use of soothing, rhythmic sound […]
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Staying Cool in Summer

With summer comes the inevitable warnings of heat induced illness and even risk of death, something that far too many […]
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